Micro 6

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Question Answer
psychrophilescold-loving microbes (0C/optimum=15C)
mesophilesmoderate temp loving microbes(opt=25-40C)/common spoilage/disease /pathogens
thermophilesheat loving microbes/50-60C/organic compost piles-endosperes=safe
psychrotrophsspoilage micro-O; optimum temp 20-30C. more common r/t low temp food spoilage
hyperthemophiles/extreme thermophiles80C or higher/ need sulfur
acidophilesspecial bacteria tolerant to acidity;
plasmolysisshrinkage of cell cytoplasm r/t being in solution w/ more solute than inside
faculative halophilesdo not require high salt concentration
nitrogen fixationconversion of Nitrogen(N2) into ammonia (bacteria use gasous N from the atmosphere)
trace elementsMineral elements(Fe, Cu,Molbdenum, Zinc)
inoculummicro-O introduced 2 culture medium to intiate growth
sterilecontain no living organisms
nutrient brothcomplex medium in liquid form
reducing mediaused to cultivate anaerobic Micro-O
selective mediasuppresses growth of unwanted bacteria/encourages growth of desired Micro-O
Differential Mediamakes it easier to distinguish colonies of the desired organism from other colonies growing on the same plate
enrichment cultureused in preliminary;favors the growth of a particular Micro-O
lag phaseperiod of little or NO cell division (1hr or several days)
log phase/exponential growth phasecelluar production most active/plot of growth on chart=straight line=
stationalry phase# of micro deaths balances # of new cells/pop stabalizes
death phase/loaritihmic decline phase# of deaths exceeds # of new cells
plate countmeasures bacterial pop; via # of viable cells; its takes 24hrs or more for visible colonies to form