Micro 2 - Fungi + Parasites

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Opportunistic fungi

Question Answer
Disseminated disease in immunocompromised ptsCoccidioides immitis
Asymptomatic/flu-like illness/pneumonia in immunocompetent patientsCoccidioides immitis
Spherulse containing endospores in body fluid/sputum/tissue samplesCoccidioides immitis
Dimorphic fungus that exists in the environment as mold (hyphae)Coccidioides immitis
Endemic to US + Mexican desert Coccidioides immitis
10% KOH silver stainCoccidioides immitis
Culture on Sabouraud's agarCoccidioides immitis
Small oval yeast forms within macrophagesHistoplasma capsulatum
Pulmonary disease in immunocompromised ptsAspergillus fumigatus
Septate hyphae that branch @ 45 degree angles in tissue specimensAspergillus fumigatus
Round yeast w broad-based buddingBlastomyces dermatitidis
Thick, doubly refractive wallsBlastomyces dermatitidis

Parasite associations

Question Answer
Biliary tract disease, cholangiocarcinomaClonorchis sinensis
Brain cysts, new adult onset seizuresTaenia solum (cysticercosis)
Hematuria, squamous cell bladder cancerSchistosoma haematobium
Liver (hydatid) cystsEchinococcus granulosus
Microcytic anemiaAncylostoma duodenale, Necator americanus
Myalgias, periorbital edemaTrichinella spiralis
Perianal pruritusEnterobius
Portal HTNSchistosoma mansoni/japonicum
Vit. B12 deficiency/megaloblastic anemiaDiphyllobothrium latum