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humoral immunityimmuity brought about by antibodies
b celllymphocyte; differentiates into antibody-secreting plasma cells & memory cells
t celllymphocyte; develops fr stem cell in thymus gland; r/t cellmediated immunity
antigens protein/polysaccharides
antibodies/immunoglobulins (Ig)globulin proteins
haptendoen't cause formation of antibodies soley; only when (+)w/ carrier moleucle
antigenic determinant/epiptopeSpecific part on antigen surface against which antibodies are formed
valence# of antien binding sites on an antibody
IgGEnhances Phagocytosis;neutralizes toxins/protects feuts/newborn
IgMUsed to Dx disease; better than IgM/more aggluitantion/1st anti-b intial Rx
IgAmost abundant in body; important to GI/Resp infection resistance on mucous membranes
major histocmpatability comples (MAC)genes code 4 histocompatibility antigens aka human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex
clonal selectiondev'mt of clones of B & T cells against a specific antigen
class switichingability of b cell to produce diff class of antibody against one antigen
clonal deletionelimination of b & T cells that react w/ self
t-dependent antigenneeds THcell 4 antibody production
t-independent antigenstimulate B cells w/o help of T cells
antigen-antibody complexcombo of antigen+antibody specific for it; basis of immune protection & Dx tests
antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC)killing of antibody-coated cells by natural killer cells & leukocytes
thymic selectiomelimination of t cells that dont recognize self antigens (major histocompatability complex)
peyers patcheslymphoid organs on intestinal wall
m (microfold) cellcells that take up & transfer antigens 2 lymphocytes, on Peyer's Patches
Follicular helper T cellsstimulate B cells to make plasma cells; also class switching
T regulatory cellssuppress T cells that escape deletion thymus w/o being taught not turn against body/self/fetus/flora
Endogenous antigenmade w/I cell ;viral/parasitic origin
Activated macrophageslarger & ruffled appearance; important in control of cancer cells

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