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What became the main language of government, trade, and Islamic scholarship in West Africa? Arabic
How did Islam help turn Mali into a center of learning? Scholars set up schools in Mali for studying the Qur'an. Arabic became the main language so that they could read the Qur'an.
What group invaded Mali in 1431? The Tuareg nomads from the Sahara.
How did Mansa Musa's journey change people's perceptions of Mali? Mali became famous throughout Africa, Asia and Europe.
How did Mali's size lead to its fall? The empire was so large that the government could no longer control it, so parts of the empire began to break away.
What religion gained influence in Songhai under Askia the Great? Muslim
How did contact with other cultures change Songhai's government?Askia brought even more Muslim influence into his government.
What did Sunni Ali accomplish? Conquered the wealthy trade cities of timbuktu and Djenne, worked constantly to unify Songhai, and encouraged all his people to work together.
Askia the GreatThe leader of the people's rebellion named Muhammed Ture, but became known as Askia the Great.
In what part of West Africa did Songhai begin? Gao
Which group of people invaded the Songhai Empire in the 1590s? Moroccan invaders
How might West Africa's history have been different if the invaders who conquered Songhai had not had firearms? The fight would have been more fair because the firearms completely beat the swords, spears, and bows carried by Songhai warriors and destroyed the city.
Oral History Spoken record of past events
Griots West African storytellers
Proverbs Short sayings of wisdom or truth
Kente Hand-woven, brightly colored fabric.
Why were griots and their stories important in West African society?Helped keep the history of their ancestors alive for each new generation.
Why may an oral history provide different information than a written account? Because the story may change over time
Name one writer who wrote about West Africa. Al-Masudi
How do you think these writers' views of West Africa may have differed from the views of West Africans? The travelers and scholars who wrote about West Africa did not firsthand experience what the West Africans did.
What were two forms of visual art popular in West Africa? Sculpture, masks, clothing, music, and dance.