Methods week 5

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Section 1

Question Answer
P.I.C.O.Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome
F.I.N.E.R.Feasible, Interesting, Novel, Ethical, Relevant
When would you use P.I.C.O.?To formulate a clinical question
Optional T on the end of PICO stand for?Time
In exploratory, descriptive, or qualitative research studies, ______ may be used instead of hypothesisresearch questions

Section 2

Question Answer
target populationthe entire set of cases about which the researcher would like to make generalizations
accessible populationone that meets the target population criteria and that is available
inclusion/eligibility criteriathe population characteristics that provide the basis for inclusion (eligibility) criteria
exclusion/delimitations criteriacriteria that would exclude individuals from being part of the study

Section 3

Question Answer
samplea set of elements that make up the population
elementthe most basic unit about which information is collected (i.e. in nursing research usually the individual)
representative samplekey characteristics closely approximate those of the population
nonprobability samplingelements are chosen by nonrandom methods
convenience sampling the use of the most readily accesible persons or obects as subjects

Section 4