Methods of Drug Analysis

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Types of Analytical MethodsNature of Sample/Size of Sample/Extent of Analysis
Classification of Analytical Methods-Nature of Sample1. ClassicalMethods 2. PhysicochemicalMethods 3. SpecialMethods
Classification of Analytical Methods-Size of Sample1. Macroanalysis 2. Semi-microanalysis 3. Microanalysis 4. Submicroanalysis 5. Ultramicroanalysis
Classification of Analytical Methods-Extent of Analysis1. Proximate 2. Ultimate 3. Partial

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Classical Methods (Total Analysis Techniques)techniques responding to the absolute amounts of analytes
Physicochemical Methods (Instrumental / Concentration Techniques)techniques that rely on measuring an optical or electrical signal
Special Methodsrequire a distinct type of technique, such as alkaloidal assaying
Proximate analysis in which the amount of each element in a sample is determined with no concern as to the actual compounds present
Partial (Ultimate) analysis which deals with the determination of selected constituents in the sample
Trace constituent analysisa specialized instance of partial analysis in which we are concerned with the determination of specified components present in very minute quantity
Complete analysiswhen the proportion of each component of the sample is determined

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