Metformin Drug Counselling

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Question Answer
How does it work?Lowers blood glucose. Does this by reducing how much sugar the body makes, and by making the body more sensitive to insulin.
Is it popular?It is the drug of first choice in overweight patients in whom strict dieting has failed to control diabetes.
Can it be used with other drugs?Yes, it can be combined with other medications later on.
How long is it used for?Lifelong, or until further notice
Time before effectsWill check blood sugar control in 2-6 months
How to take?can be taken a few times a day, is a tablet. Take with food at same time each day.
How often to take per day?GP will decide this. Often, can be one tablet per day for 1 week. Then one tablet twice per day for next week. Then one tablet three times per day after that.
Side effectsHypoglycaemia does not typically occur!! GI side effects are common, particularly when high doses are given
How to monitor?Check eGFR to begin with, ideally more than 45. Check Hba1c after 2-6 months, then every 6 months.
Cautions?AKI, general anaesthesia, Iodine containing X-ray contrast media