Messin' With Sasquatch

ndaugherty's version from 2011-07-11 12:12

Ridiculous Questions

Question Answer
What do you use as bait?Jack Links Beef Jerky
Weapon?Fairy Attitude
Sasquatch's favorite pizza topping?Deer
Sasquatch's favorite spice girl?Scary
Test Something weird, and the mergeyes
Why are sasquatch's hiding from us??

Actual Questions

Question Answer
What do you think of the new wizards? (the Video Wizard and the Answer Wizard)video is cool
What did the dialog say, re "Just got the warning that the page had been changed between when I was editing and you last save too! that works."?The page has been changed. Here is the differences. You can go to that page(link) or continue editing(link to close page)
What do you think of the blinking arrow (when the first time you edit)?thats a big ass arrow, I don't know about that
What do you think of the new collaboration icons?maybe "Update" instead of newer?
"Update" instead of newer: downsideThen people would probably expect the icon to turn green when usera updates it, even if there is no userb version. All I'm doing is comparing dates of the 2 versions. thats a tough one
"thats a big ass arrow": It's pretty important people see the yellow strip (several people were missing it). It only shows up the first time. What should I do, maybe just make it a little smaller?Same length, maybe not as wide? Or leave the notification thing up there the whole time and not fade away (what Google+ does).
nick: Same length, maybe not as wide?done
nick: leave the notification thing up there the whole time and not fade awaynot a bad idea, but probably would tend less to encourage people to notify each time they edit (if it doesn't pop up each time you edit)


craig: Sweet, merged Sasquatch Spice back it
nick: wow great idea for a new feature! Comments on collaboration pages!
craig: looks like the feature is already implemented? :)
nick: more GUI-ish and it adds your username (to make people use it more).


craig: paste this in the url field to test out the arrow: javascript: arrow()
you may need to do a shift-reload to get the new image
nick: I say even more skinny