Merchandising and Management

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Question Answer
The historical method of price quotation is itemization
The metal used in the shell of a 20 gauge steel casket would be1/20 inch
Which of the following is not a function of the American Board of Funeral Service Education?Administer the National Board Examination
If a casket cost $100 wholesale, and the funeral home's fixed multiple was 5, what would the selling price of that casket be?$500
When the interior material is tightly stretched across the panel of the casket it is said to be:tailored
The obtaining and maintaining of adequate work space and funeral equipment:facilities management
The length of a standard adult metal casket is:6/6
The N.F.D.A. 'Code of Ethics' is based upon:Golden rule
What would the selling price be for a casket which cost $195 wholesale? Use the unit price method based on the three factors: 1) wholesale casket cost, 2) average overhead per adult formula service, 3) 100% mark-up on wholesale casket cost:$1040
In measuring thickness of caskets, the thinner the metal the _______ the gauge.Higher
The crown and ogee are part of the casket:Shell
A pricing procedure which creates a total price for service and casket is called:Unit
Tailored is a style of casket:Interior
The achieving of economical, orderly, and adequate distribution of products and services is:Marketing management
This is composed of members of the N.F.D.A., the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, all accredited educational institutions and public members.American Board of Funeral Service Education
If a funeral home had an average overhead of $650, and the wholesale cost of a casket was $100, and the funeral director marked his casket up 100%, what would the unit price be?$850
For casket width, each X represents ______ inches.2
The base molding is a part of a casket:shell
A casket designed as to display the deceased from the hips up:perfection half couch
A pricing procedure which places a price on each and every time of service and merchandise is called:itemization
______ is an alloy consisting essentially of copper and tin.Bronze
Which of the following is the principal interest group for all funeral service personnel?National Funeral Directors Association
Which of the following is a lining used in caskets?transparent velvet
If a funeral director places pricing on: 1) casket, 2) service fee, 3) facilities, and 4) automobiles, this is known as:Functional pricing
Caskets increase in length by _______ inches.3
One of the following is a source of expense in the funeral business:Salaries
A pricing procedure which places a separate price on casket and a separate price on service fee is called:Bi-Unit
The efficient utilization and adequate regulation of all revenue, expenditures and capital rights is:Finance management
The part of a handle of a casket the pallbearer grasps to lift the casket is called:Bar
A burial vault which is closed by placing the dome over the base is called a/an:Air seal
The gauge of a sheet of metal is equal to the number of sheets of that thickness which is required to measure:1 inch
A metal or concrete enclosure designed to protect the casket is called:vault
A gathered type of casket interior made on sewing machine with a multiple number of needles is called:Shirred
An interior that presents a smooth, tightly stretched appearance:Tailored
What would the selling price be of a casket which cost $205 wholesale? Use the unit method on a fixed multiple. The fixed multiple should be based on a ration of casket cost (yearly) to yearly gross income:1025
The obtaining and maintaining of a satisfactory and satisfied work force is:personnel management
The length of a standard adult wood is:6/3
Extra sizes of caskets increase for each extra width by:2 inches
A wood state casket labeled 6/6XXX would measure in length, 6 feet, 6 inches, and in width:28 inches
The part of the handle which is attached to the casket is the:Lug
One of the following is an advantage of Bi-Unit pricing method:Places realistic value on the casket
A method of pricing which places a price on three separate items of service such as casket, facilities, and automobiles is called:Functional
A casket which has sides that are vertical, or at right angles to the bottom is called:A state of casket
A casket so designed as to display the deceased from the waist up with the agee hinged to allow the display of the interior of the casketHalf couch casket
The portion of the handle through which the bar passes.Arm
The planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling of office work is:Office Management
If a casket cost $200 wholesale and sold for $1000, and the average overhead per funeral was $500, what would the net profit be?$800
Which of the following is a source of income in the funeral businessall