Merch and Management Glossary II

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Section 1

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hermetically sealedairtight; impervious to external influence; completely sealed by fusion or soldering
hinge coverportion of the casket interior covering the hinges that attach the cap to the casket body
horizontal tablettype of cemetery monument in which the die is wider than tall
immediate burialdisposition of human remains by burial, without formal ceremony
incandescent ligthingillumination resulting from the glowing of a heated fillament

Section 2

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indirect lightingreflected illumination of an object
indirection selection room proceduremethod of selling merchandise whereby the funeral director does not stay in the room during presentation
inner panelfunctional or ornamental covering that usually covers the foot end of the casket in a full couch casket; located at head and foot end
itemizationmethod of price quotation in which each item or unit of service is priced seperately
laminatesmade by uniting superimposed layers of different materials

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lawncryptgrave in which 2 or more persons may be buried in grave liners, which have been stacked one on top of the other when the 1st person dies
linenfabric made from flax, noted for strength and coolness, and luster
lotsubdivision of a cemetery which consists of several graves or internment spaces
markersmall headstone, usually of one piece, used to identify individual graves
markupdifference between merchandise cost and selling price

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masselinpressed paper in sheet form; used in casket construction as a backing material
mattress coverinterior cloth or material, which covers the mattress or bedding of the casket
masuoleuman above ground structure or building containing crypts or vaults for entombment of caskets; which may also include niches for cremated remains
mediana value in an ordered set of values, which represent the mid point, whereby there are an equal # of values above and below mid point value
memorialphysical object made for the point of remembering someone

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memorial parkcemetery or section of a cemetery in whcih only flush markers may be used
memorial serviceceremony commemorating the deceased without a body present
merchandising the purchasing, pricing, display, and sale of merchandise
metal case (ziegler case)a gasketed container, which can be used as an insert into a casket or as a shipping container
modevalue that occurs most frequently in a group of numbers

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monumenta structure usually of stone or metal, erected to commemorate the lofe, deed,s or career of a deceased person
non-ferrous metalany metal, which is not formed from iron
octagoncasket having 8 angles or corners and therfore has 8 sides or body panels
ogee (rim)an "S" shaped molding that is a component part of the casket cap
ogee flageturned under edge or horizontal portion of the casket rim which comes into contact with the gasket or body ledge flange (top body molding)

Section 7

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ossuarycommunal recpetacle for cremains
outer burial containerany container that is placed around a casket including burial vault, grave box, and grave liners
overlay (overthrow, throw)aesthetic covering for the foot cap or inner foo panel of the casket
package pricinga pricing method, which groups together selected services and/or merchandise
full couch casket in whci rim, ogee, and pies are one unit

Section 8

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plasticsynthetic or natural organic material shaped when soft and then hardened
plastic extrusion moldingmethod of forming items by injecting molten plastic into die
plated finish when base metal is coated by another metal via an electrolytic process
plushwoven cloth with a nap exceeding 1/8th inch
plwoodthin sheets of wood glued together so that grains are at right angles to one another; an odd number of sheets will be used for direction purposes

Section 9

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polished finishsurface made smooth and glossy usually by friction; brought to a highly developed, finished, or refined state
polymercompound, similar in appearance to plastic, that has a high molecular weight creating an extremely durable substance
pouchleak resistant zippered bag designed to contain a dead human body and body fluids, made for removal of human remains
price determinationmethod used by mangement to determine price for service and merchandise
price quotationmethod by which prices are explained to the consumer (itemized GPL)

Section 10

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priest casket/slip panelcasket opening style in which the cap or lid at the head end of the casket is completely removed from the casket for the purpose of viewing
quantity discountamount, by which, the bill or invoice will be reduced when a minimum quantity of a merchandise has been ordered
quartiledivision of the total into four segments, each one representing 1/4 the total
rangeupper and lower limits of a series of nummbers
rebatereturn of a portion of payment
rental casketcasket used as a temporary receptacle for dead human remains

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