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Coding: Acoustic - STM, Semantic - LTMBaddeley
Capacity: Digits forward: digits - 9.3, letters - 7.3Jacobs
Capacity: Chunking increases capacity: Can recall as many words as lettersMiller
Duration of STM: Consonant triagrams, no rehearsal - 18 secondsPeterson and Peterson
Duration of LTM: Yearbooks: 70-30% recall after 48 yearsBahrick
Duration of LTM (AO3) Recall for meaningless pictures far lowerShepard
Capacity (AO3) Capacity is only 4 chunksCowan
Multi-store memory modelAtkinson and Shiffin
MMM (AO3) KF case study: Evidence for visual and auditory storesShallice and Warrington
MMM (AO3) Elaborative rehearsal: Meaningful associations needed for LTMCraik and Watkins
Types of LTM: Episodic, semantic, proceduralTulving
Types of LTM (AO3) PET scans: s&e in opposite pre-frontal cortexTulving
Types of LTM (AO3) Declarative and non-declarative memoryCohen and Squire
Working model of memoryBaddeley and Hitch
WMM (AO3) Evidence for seperate auditory and visual slave systemsBaddeley
WMM (AO3) Brain scans: Central Executive in left prefrontal cortexBraver
Interference: Worse recall when second list of words is similarMcGeoch and McDonald
Interference (AO3) Rugby players: Recall depends on games played sinceBaddeley and Hitch
Interference (AO3) Cued recall: Normal when reminded of category nameTulving and Psotka
Retrieval failure: Encoding specificity principleTulving
Retrieval failure: Context-dependent forgetting, diversGodden and Baddeley
Retrieval failure: State-dependent forgetting, anti-histaminesCarter and Cassaday
Retrieval failure (AO3) Context not important in real lifeBaddeley
Retrieval failure (AO3) Divers could still recognise wordsGodden and Baddeley
EWT: Leading questions, car crashLoftus and Palmer
EWT: Post-event discussion, crimeGabbert
EWT (AO3) Real life application: police interviewsLoftus
EWT (AO3) People more able to identify people of their own age groupAnastasi and Rhodes
EWT (AO3) No consequences of EWT in studiesFoster
Anxiety: Negative: Weapon focus effect, tunnel theoryJohnson and Scott
Anxiety: Positive: Fight or flight, shootingYuille and Cutshall
Anxiety: Inverted-U theory, optimal level of anxietyYerkes-Dodson
Anxiety (AO3) Surprise more important than anxiety, rubber chickenPickel
The cognitive interviewFisher and Geiselman
The enhanced cognitive interviewFisher
CI (AO3) 1 and 2 cause most accurate recallMilne and Bull
CI (AO3) Also increase recall of incorrent informationKohnken

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