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Diabetic retinopathymicroaneurysms, microhaemorrhages and formation of new vessels. Bleeding and scarring that form affect vision
Macular Degenerationslow progressive loss of macular (very center of eye where images focus, responsible for central and near vision)
Dry macular degenerationmost common- cellular debris accumulates between the retina and the choroid causing atrophy and scaring to the retina
wet macular degenerationmore sever- blood vessels grow up from the choroid behind the retina which can leak exudate and fluid and also cause haemorrhage
retinal detatchmentretina peels away from back of eye caused by trauma or diabetes. s+s- floating spots, blurred vision
Nerve deafnesstypically occurs when part of the inner ear, the hair cells in the cochlea are damaged or destroyed which serve to send information, in the form of electrical signals to the hearing nerve
otis mediainfection of the middle ear- fills with fluid. mainly bacterial but can be viral, often follows URTI. S+S= pain, fever
impacted cerumearwax builds up in the ear
rhinitisinflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose

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astigmatismdefect in the curvature of the cornea
myopianear sighted- light rays from distant objects focus in front of the retina, elongation of the eyeball, lens is too strong, cornea too curved
hyperopiafar sighted-eyeball too short or lazy lens, unable to accommodate divergent rays from close objects
conjunctivitisinflammation or infection of the conjunctiva may be bacterial, viral or allergic
glaucomaincrease in intraocular pressure often due to obstruction of outflow of aqueous humour
Cataractclouding of the lens- lens proteins denature and degrade over time

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dysmenorrheapainful periods
menorrhagiaheavy periods
endometriosisabnormal growth of endometrium tissue outside the uterus
PID pelvic inflammatory disease- inflammation of some or all of the female reproductive organs often due to bacterial infection
fibroid tumourbenign tumours of the smooth muscle of uterus

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uterine prolapseuterus drops into vagina
ectopic pregnancyfertalised ovam attaches to tissue outside uterus
placenta previaabnormal positioning of the placenta near or over cervix
hyperemesis gravidarumexcess vomiting during pregnancy
prostatitisinflammation of the prostate gland S+S dysuria, pyuria, fever

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genital herpesrecurrent episodes of acute painful blisters on genitalia or rectum but some are asymptomatic- treatable
syphilistreatable caused by bacteria- stage one (10-90 days chancre on genitals), stage two (upto 2 years flat red rash, flu like symptoms), stage three (upto 30 years effects heart and brain function)
gonorrhoeacaused by bacteria woman asymptomatic, men have prurlent discharge- treatable
clamydiamost damaging and often asymptomatic leading cause of PID and female infertility
breast cancerS+S lumps or thickening in the breasts or under the arm, nipple discharge- treatment- lumpectomy, mastectomy, axillary clearance