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Question Answer
call on someoneask for an answer or option
call on someonevisit someone
call someone upphone
calm downrelax after being angry
not care for someone/somethingnot like (formal)
catch upget to the same point as someone else
check inarrive and register at hotel or airport
check outleave a hotel
check someone/something outlook at carefully, investigate
check out someone/somethinglook at (informal)
cheer upbecome happier
cheer someone upmake happier
chip inhelp
clean something uptidy, clean
come across somethingfind unexpectedly
come apartseparate
come down with somethingbecome sick
come forwardvolunteer for a task or to give evidence
come from somewhereoriginate in
count on someone/somethingrely on
cross something outdraw a line through
cut back on somethingconsume less
cut something downmake something fall to the ground
cut ininterrupt
cut inpull in too closely in front of another vehicle
cut instart operating (of an engine or electrical device)