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Question Answer
ask someone outinvite on a date
ask aroundask many people the same question
add up to somethingequal
back something upreverse
back someone upsupport
blow upexplode
blow something upadd air
break downstop functioning (vehicle, machine)
break downget upset
break something downdivide into smaller parts
break inforce entry to a building
break into somethingenter forcibly
break something inwear something a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new
break ininterrupt
break upend a relationship
break upstart laughing (informal)
break outescape
break out in somethingdevelop a skin condition
bring someone downmake unhappy
bring someone upraise a child
bring something upstart talking about a subject
bring something upvomit
call aroundphone many different places/people
call someone backreturn a phone call
call something offcancel
keep on doing somethingcontinue doing
keep something from someonenot tell
keep someone/something outstop from entering
keep something upcontinue at the same rate
let someone downfail to support or help, disappoint
let someone inallow to enter
look after someone/somethingtake care of
look for someone/somethingtry to find
look forward to somethingbe excited about the future
look into somethinginvestigate
look outbe careful, vigilant, and take notice
look out for someone/somethingbe especially vigilant for
look something overcheck, examine
look something upsearch and find information in a reference book or database
look up to someonehave a lot of respect for
make something upinvent, lie about something
make upforgive each other
make someone upapply cosmetics to
mix something upconfuse two or more things
pass awaydie
pass outfaint
pass something outgive the same thing to many people
pass something updecline (usually something good)
pay someone backreturn owed money
pay for somethingbe punished for doing something bad
pick something outchoose