Member vs men

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Men interested in Omega Psi Phi fraternity are encouraged to visit our national website at Prospective members must be second semester sophmores. The requirements to join are 36 credit hours, a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. at SMU, and an individual that is service-oriented who epitomizes "the spirit of Omega." The Chapter attained a 3.12 cumulative GPA as of Spring 2009. You must exhibit a willingness to want to contribute to it. This organization helps to bring out good qualities that already exist because "Omega does not make great men; great men make Omega." Also, feel free to contact any current members for further information.


Members Versus Men


The Greek Letter Societies among our group appear to have entered into a period of mad competition for obtaining members. Pledges are increasing in numbers. Scarcely a student on the college campus but wears a pledge pin or a frat pin. Are the fraternities forgetting their original high standards? Can it be said that every man who enters college is of Fraternity material? If in any place, Omega has entered this mad race for members, pause and consider.


The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in men, in real brotherhood. Eight men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater assets than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm.


If any chapter has reached the maximum in numbers for efficient work and brotherly cooperation, let it initiate each year only the number of men leaving the chapter by way of graduation or otherwise Men, real men of Omega caliber, strive for that which is most difficult of attainment. Keep Omega the most difficult Greek Letter Society in which to obtain membership and rest assured that Omega Material will never be found lacking."