Meiosis Phases

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Section 1

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Prophase 1
Metaphase 1
Anaphase 1
Telophase 1
Prophase 2
Metaphase 2
Anaphase 2
Telophase 2

Section 2

Question Answer
Homologous chromosomes pair up and form tetrad. Crossing-over occurs Prophase 1
Homologs line up along equatorMetaphase 1
Spindle fibers move homologous chromosomes to opposite sidesAnaphase 1
Cytoplasm divides, 2 daughter cells are formed but ya kno who caresTelophase 1
The nucleus becomes visible and the chromosomes tighten up. Centrioles position themselves at opposite ends of the cell, with spindle fibers connecting them to the chromosomes. Prophase 2
Chromosomes line up along equator, not in homologous pairsMetaphase 2
Chromatids separateAnaphase 2
Nuclear membrane reforms, cytoplasm divides, 4 daughter cells formed Telophase 2