Megacities Definition Review

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Question Answer
What is a megacity?an urban area with more than 10 million people
What is urbanization?the process by which the percentage of people living in urban areas increases
What are more developed countries?a wealthier country with access to technology and education, with generally high life expectancy
What is a developing country?a less wealthy country with limited access to technology and education, with generally low life expectancy
What is a urban sprawl?the expansion of a city into previously undeveloped areas
What is a suburb?a low-density settlement, near a larger urban area, mostly made up of single-family houses
What is Quality of life?general well-being or happiness of a person or society, as measured by meeting basic needs
What is poverty?having little to no money, possessions, or other resources to meet basic needs
What is equality?a condition in which all people are treated the same way, regardless of individual differences
What is inequality?the lack of equality between people or groups of people

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