Medival Europe

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Why do you think so much so much Medival European art was made for the churchBecause instead of reading it was easier for poeple to see what happened in the bible.
What is a clergy?Church officials
What are religious orders?Group of poeple who dedicate their lives to religion and follow common rules.
Who is Francis Assisi?The founder of the Franciscan order.
Who are Friars?Members of religious orders orders who lived and worked among the general public.
Who is Thomas Aquinas?Philosopher who showed how realigious faith and reason that could co-exist.
Natural law?Thomas Aquinas's concept that God created a law that governed how the world operated.
What did poeple in university learn?They only were thought religion,law,medicine and philosophie.
How did churches look in Medival Europe?Thier spires,high ceilings,and color ful stained class Windows.
What is Magna Carta?Document written by English nobles and signed by King John listing rights the king could not ignore
What is Parliament?Lawmaking body that governs England.
What is "Hundred Years' War" mean?Long-lasting conflicts between England and France during the 1300s and 1400s.
Who is Joan of Ark?Teenage peasant girl who rallied the French troops and tuned the tide of the "hundred years war"
What is the Black Death?Deadly plague that killed millions of Europeans between 1347 and 1351.
What is heresy?Religious ideas that oppose accepted church teachings.
What is Reconquista?Christian efforts to retake Spain from the Muslim Moors.
Who is King Ferdinand?Aragon prince who married Isabella of Castile to rule a united Spain.
Who is Queen Isabella?Castilian princess who ruled Spain with her husband, Ferdinand of Aragon.
What is Spanish Inqistion?Organization of priest charged with seeking out and punishing non-Cristian's.