Medival Europe Jed Mulipola

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Question Answer
How were villages connected?By dirt roads
Why was Medival Europe a dangerous place?Robbers rolled around the countries
Where is the safest place to be in Medival Europe castles?Behind the castle
What surrounds a castle?A moat
What is a draw bridge?A bridge for a door
Murder HoleA hole where people drop rocks and hot boiling water on enemies
Great hall Biggest room
What time do kings eat in the morning?10:00 am
What do lords do after they eat?Gaze out the window
ManorImportant unit of Territory in Fedual society
SerfsLowest of society
Knights Pro warriors who fight on horseback
Where do Knights come from?Rich families
10% of society is...Monks/ non
Who lived in monasteries?Men
What is Medival Europe most famous for?Large cathidro