Medival China

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Question Answer
Where did the invaders of China come from?They came from the East.
What happen when the Han dynasty collapsed ?China was split into several kingdoms.
When did the Han dynasty collapse? In 220.
At that time, what was it called? The Period of Disunion.
What happen during that period ?Nomadic tribes settled in northern China.
Who reunited China? It was under that Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties.
Who was the first Sui ruler? It was Yang Jian.
When was the Sui dynasty replaced and by who? The Tang Dynasty replaced the Sui in 618.
What happen after the Tang Dynasty fell?China entered in a period which is known as Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.
What happen durning the Period of Disunion?Many Chinese people turned to Buddhism.
Why did they turn into Buddhism?It was for escaping suffering and achieve the state of peace
What did Buddhism influenced?It influenced art, literature, and architecture.
Why did people use fast-ripening rice?It allowed them to grow more than one crop.
What was the outcome of growing crops?The population would grow.
What did traders use for trade?The grand canal.
What did the Tang Dynasty produce? It produced China's greatest artist and writers.
What did the Song Fyansty produce? The greatest female poet.
What is Confucianism? It was the name given of the Chinese philosopher, Confucius.
What did he teach?His teachings were focused on ethics, or proper behaviors, of individuals and government.
What is Ren?Ren means concern for others.
What is Li?It means following appropriate customs and behavior.
What was the new version of Confucianism? It was Neo- Confucianism.
What did Neo-Confucianism discuss about? It discussed about spiritual questions.
What did you have to do in order to get in the bureaucracy? You had to pass the written civil service examination.
Who united the Mongols?In 1206, Genghis Khan United them.
How did they fight their way through things?They built armies, wrecked whole towns, and ruining farmland.
What did they build in China? The Great Wall of China.
Why did they built the Great Wall? So China won't get conquered.