Medival China-Brianna Bautista

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What is the Period of Disunion?Historicans sometimes call the time of disoder that followed the callapse of the Han dynasty,which lasted 220 to 589 years.
What happened after the Han dunasty collasped?China split into several rival kingdoms,each ruled by mulitary leaders.
Where did Nomatic people settle in?They settled in nothern China.
What happened when northern China culture mixed with southern China culture?When they mixed culture,they made new types of music and art,new foods,and clothing styles.
Who is Yang Jian?The man who finally ended the Period of Disunion.
What happened during 589?Yang Jian concured the south,unified China, and created the Sui dynasty.
How long did the Sui dynasty last?It lasted about 589 to 618.
What is the Grand Canel?A canel linking northern and southern China.
How long did the Tang dynasty rule?The Tang dynasty ruled for nearly 300 years.
How did historicans view the Tang dynasty?They viewed it as the Golden Age of China civiliztion.
Who is Taizong?He was one of the greatest rulers.
What did Taizong do?He helped unify China through his programs,including the military,creation of law codes,and land policy known as the Equal Field system.
Who was Xuanzong?He was a brilliant ruler of the Tang dynasty,many of China's fine poets were written during Xuanzong rulling.
Who was Empress Wu?She was the only female to rule the Tang dynasty.
China was divided during what?It divided into The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.
How long did Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms last?They both lasted about 53 years.(907-960)
What happened during 960?China was again reunified,this time by the Song dynasty.
What is growing-rice?A vital crop in southern China,where the warm,wet climate is perfect for rice growing.
Why do farmers build terraces?To create level land for rice farming.
When do farmers remove rice kernels from the plant?At harrest time.
What are some examples of busy places in China?Some busy places in China are shop keepers,government officails,docters,artisians,entertainers,religious leaders, and artists.
What was China's capital and the largest city during the Tang dynasty?It was Chang'an and it was trade center.
What is parcelain?A thin,beautiful type of pottery.
What is woodblock printing?A form of printing in which an entire page is carred into a block of wood.
What is a gunpowder?It is a mixture of powders used in guns and explosives(fireworks).
What is a compass?It is a intrument which uses the earth's magnetic feild to show direction.
What is Confusianism based on?It is based on teachings of confusians.
How long has Confusianism lived for before the Song dynasty?For more than 1,500 years.
What are some confusian teachings?They were ethics,or proper behavior,for indiriduals and government.
What is bureaucracy?A body of unelected government officails.
What is the Civil Servics?It means service as a government officail.
What is a scholar-official?An educated member of the government.
What did scholar officials perform?They performed many important jobs in the government and were widely admired for their knowledge and ethics.
Who ran China's government during the Song dynasty?The scholar-officials.
What two principals did Confusains beleive people should follow?Ren(concern for others) and li (approprate behavior).
How did Neo-Confusianism differ Confusianism?Neo-Confusianism is based on Confusianism taught proper behavior,and emphasized spiritual matter that incorporated Buddhist and Doast concepts.Where ar for Confusianism focused only on proper behavior.
What is agriculture?It is another word for farming.
What is Geography?It is land.
What is The Mongol Empire?Pople who attack the Chinese.For centeries,the mongols have lived in seperate tribes in north China.
What happened during 1206?A powerful leader,or Khan,united the mongol tribes .His name is Temujin.
What was Temujin nickname when he started ruling?"Univeral Ruler" or Genhis Khan.
What did Temujin do to help the mogols?He organized the mogols into a powerful army.
The Mongols attacks terroized poeple throughout what?Throughout Asia and Eastern Europe.
When did Temujin died?In 1227.
What does notable mean?Important