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What is Japan covered with?Japan is covered with mountains.
How much percent of the land is flat from Japan?20%
What geographic feature was so distint from other parts of Asia?Japan early culture was so distint from ther parts of Asia because Japan is surrounded by water.
ShintoThe traditional religion of Japan.
RegentA person who rules a country for someone who is unable Tories alone.
How did prince shot okd spread Buddhism?He help spread Buddhism by building a Buddist temple.
What do you think was the most important idea Japanese borrowed from China and Korea?Writing because they had a form of language and the needed a witting form.
CourtA group of nobles who live near and serve or advise the ruler.
Golden age794-1185
Where was the court moved in the late 700s?Heian
What what were two forms of Buddhism that devolved in Japan?Zen and Pure Land Buddhism
What did women where in Japan?Long robes
SamuraiTrained professional warriors
Sho gunA gerneral who ruled Japan in the empors name.
BushidoThe samurai code was known
Where was Japan's great center courtHeian
Top people to lowestEmper, shogun,daimyo and samurai,peasants
PeasantsMost Japanese were poor peasants who had no power.
Prince shootokuOne of Japansgreat leaders. He help rule Japan when he was 20.
Lady Murasaki ShinkibWas one of the great writers in early Japan.
Unprecedented Having no equal
EquestrainRelated to horses
MusteredGathered together
BrocadesRich cloths with designs oven into them
CormorantsLarge diving birds
InferiorityLower rank
Unpretentious Simple;modest
CornetsSmall crowns

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