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Question Answer
What is the period of the dynasty?220-589
How did Chinese culture change during the period of the dynasty?It change because they United more
Who is Empress Wu? Was a ruler in 655
When is the age Buddhism in China?500 B.C.
How did Buddhism influence China?It influence them by architeculture
Who is Li Bo?Li Bo was a poem writer?
What were the capital cities of the tang and Song Dynasty?Chang'an and Kaifeng
Name one invention China discovered?Tea
Name one important invention from China?Paper
What is a scholar official?Scholar official is a person who work in the government
What was Neo-Confuciansim? Nero-Confuciansim is a time when people were influence
What two principles did Confucius believe people should follow?The two princibles are ren and li
Why would people want to became scholar official?They wanted to work for the gonvermet
Who is Genghis Khan?Genghis Khan was a ruler
Who is Zheng He?Zheng He was a ruler
What is isolationism?Isolationism is a policy
What is the Great Wall?A long wall in china
What was the Great Wall used for?It was used for defense
Which were the two most important dynastys?Tang and song
Name two inventions China has mad and still used today?Paper and gunpowder