Medieval Europe - Vocabulary

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EurasiaThe large landmass that includes Europe and Asia.
TopographyThe shape and elevation of the land in a region.
Middle AgesThe period lasting from about 500 to about 1500.
MedievalAnother name for the middle ages.
Saint Patrick Christian missionary credited with converting Ireland to Christianity.
MonksReligious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities.
MonasteriesCommunities of monks.
Saint BenedictMonk responsible for creating the Benedictine rule, a code prescribing a monk's behavior
CharlemangeWarrior and king who led the Franks in building a huge empire
KnightsWarriors who fought on horseback.
VassalA knight who agrees to protect and serve a lord in exchange for land.
FeudalismThe system that governs the relationship between lords and vassal.
William the ConquerorFrench noble who conquered England and spread feudalism.
ManorLarge estate owned by a knight or lord.
SerfsWorkers who were tied to the land on which they lived.
Eleanor of Aquitaine Powerful French noblewoman who became queen of France and England.
ChivalryCode of honorable behavior for European knights.
HaikuShort peoms, with only three lines and 17 syllables, that usally describe nature themes.