Medieval Europe- Edith Melchor

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Question Answer
1.What large landmass includes both Europe and Asia?It is Eurasia.
2.What are the highest mountain range in Europe?The highest mountain range in Europe is Alps.
3.Where was Christianity common in the middle ages?I t was most common in Roman Empire, and in Italy.
4.Who established Christianity among the Franks?Clovis, established Christianity among the franks.
5.Did the pope send Saint Patrick to Ireland?No he want because he wanted to go.
6.Why were grapes and olives ideal crops for southern Europe?They could grow on mountainsides and also survive the region's dry summers.
7.Why did knights have tornaments?They had them because they would practice their skills?
9.At what age did kids start there training for being knights?They stared at age 8.
10.What was a bishop? A bishop was a noble lord.
11.Where did knights live?They lived in manors.
12.What would a lord to after eating?They would sit next to a window and look outside to look at their land that gave them their wealth.