Medieval China

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Question Answer
What is Period of Disunion?The find of disorder that followed the collages of the Jan Dynasty in China.
What was the Grand Canal?A canal linking northern and southern China .
What is porcelain?A thin ,beautiful pottery invented in China.
What is woodblock printing ? A form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood, covered with ink ,and pressed to a pressed of paper to create a printed page.
What is gunpowder ?A mixture of powders used in guns and explosives.
What is a compass?An instrument that uses the earth's magnetic field to indicate directions.
What is bureaucracy?A body of unelected government officials.
What is civil service?Service as a government officials.
What are scholar -officials?An educated member of China's government who passes a series of written examination.
Who is Genghis Khan?Ruler of the Mongols ,he led his people in attacks against China and against other parts of Asia .His name means "universal leader."
Who is Kublai Khan ?Mongol ruler,he completes the conquest of China and founder the Yaun Dynasty.