Medieval China-Test questions

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Question Answer
ClansExtended families
ShintoThe traditional religion of Japan
Prince ShotokuOne of the people most influential in bringing Chinese idea to Japan
RegentA person who rules a community for someone who is unable to rule alone
Court A group of nobles who live near and serve or advice a ruler
Lady Muraski ShikibuOne of the greatest writers in early Japanese story.
ZenA popular new form of Buddhism that arrived from China.
Equestrian Related to horses
Unprecedented Having no equal
MusteredGathered Together
BrocadesRich cloths with designs woven into them
Cormorants Large diving birds
Inferiority Lower rank
DaimyoJapan's large land owners of feuda Japan.
FinguerheadA person who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else.
Samurai A trained professional warrior infeudal Japan.
ShogunA general who ruled Japan in the emperors name.
BushidoThe code for honor followed by the samurai in Japan.
Unpretentious Simple,Modest
Coronets Small crowns