Medieval China- Josie Chavez

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Question Answer
What were the two general elements in the blended culture of Northern China during the Period of Disunion?The two general elements were nomadic tribes, and many northern Chinese moved south.
Who was the first Sui ruler?The first Sui ruler was Yang Jian because he establishes the Sui dynasty.
How many years did the Sui dynasty last?The Sui dynasty lasted for 29 years.
Name three important Tang rulers.Taizong, Xuanzong,and Empress Wu
Why do you think Buddhism comforted people during the Period of Disunion?Buddhism taught that people can escape suffering and achieve a state of peace.
What were the advantages of fast-ripening rice?It could grow two or three crops by the time it takes to grow one crop.
What country today represents the homeland of the Mongols?Northern China represents the home of the Mongols.
How many years did it take the Mongols armies to conquer all of China?It took 16 years.
Which two aspects of Song civilization would you say Kublai Khan appreciated the most?They appreciated civil service and trade routes.
Who was Genghis Khan?A great Mongol warrior and conqueror of northern China.
Marco Polo wrote books abouthis visits to China.
What did Zheng He not do?He did not bring Marco Polo to China.