Medieval China Joaquin Santana

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What dynasty collapsed and led to the Period of Disunion?The Han dynasty
What does Grand Canal link?Northern and southern China
What is the Period of Disunion?A time when China split into several kingdoms.
How long did the period last?It lasted form 220 to 589, nearly 350 years.
When did the Han dynasty collapse?It collapsed in 589
How did culture change during the Period of Disunion?It changed because the nomads and the north blended. Then the northerners fled south and the north and the south blended.
What dynasty reunified China?The Sui dynasty
Who was the first Sui ruler?Yang Jian
When did the Sui dynasty begin?It began in 589.
What dynasty replaced the Sui?The Tang replaced the Sui in 618.
Who were notable Tang rulers?Taizong, Xuanzong, and Empress Wu
What is porcelain?A think, beautiful type of pottery.
Who was Empress Wu and what did she bring to China?She was the first female ruler and brought stability and prosperity to China.
What happened after the Tang collapsed?Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms all rose up to rule the area.
What dynasty reunified China after the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms?The Song Dynasty
What did people turn to during the Period of Disunion?They turned to Buddhism.
Why did they turn to Buddhism?Buddhism taught that they can escape suffering and reach a state of peace.
What were some advancements in agriculture?Some advancements were the dragon backbone pump and fast ripening rice.
How did a surplus amount of food increase population?The amount of food was able to support and stabilize the growing population and people started to move to that area.
What were cities like in Tang and Song dynasties?They were crowded, bustling trade centers.
What were valuable items traded by the Chinese?They traded porcelain and silk.
What were some inventions by the Tang and Song?Compass, gunpowder, woodblock printing, movable type, and paper money.
What is Confucianism?The ideas of the Chinese philosopher, Confucius.
What were Confucius' teachings about?They were focused on two principles. Ren is concern for others, and li focused on following appropriate customs and behavior.
What was neo-Confucianism?It was a new version of Confucianism by the Song that blended the following of ethical rules with spiritualism.
What is a bureacracy?A body of unelected government officials.
What was the civil service examinations?It is an exam that a person had to pass to become a scholar-official. The test was 72 hours long and people studied for 20 years due to the difficulty level of the test.
Who was Ghengis Khan?He was the Mongolian leader that led them to bloody battles across northern China.
Who was Kublai Khan?Ghengis' grandson who conquered all of China.
What group founded the Yuan dynasty?The Mongols.
Who was Chu Yaun-Chang?He took control of the dynasty and founded the Ming dynasty.
What is isolationism?It is when the Chinese were forbidden to have contact with anybody outside of China.
What happened because of isolationism?The westerns had major leaps in technology and they had more powerful weapons then the Chinese therefore China's glory faded.
What brought about the end of the Mongol forces?Their invasion into Japan ended in disaster and destroyed most of their army.
Who led several explorations to places around Asia between 1405 and 1433?Zheng He
What were the Ming known for?Their grand building projects such as the Forbidden City in Beijing.
What was the major cause of the spread of Buddhism to China and other parts of Asia?The travels of Buddhist missionaries.