Medieval China-Franisco#7

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Question Answer
what is a reason cities grew during the Tang and Song periods?Businesses expanded to buy and sell agricultural products.
Which of the following was not a Chinese invention of the Tang and Song periods?Crop irrigation was not a Chinese invention during the Tang and Song periods.
Which did not occur durring the Tang dynasty?China underwent a period of disunion and social unrest.
Confucius Lived more than one-thousand years before the Song dynasty.
Confucius's ideas were about...Proper behavior.
How was Neo-Confucianism different from Confucianism?It also focused on spiritual questions.
Who was Genghis Khan?A great Mongol warrior and conqueror of northern China.
Marco Polo wrote a book about...His visits to China.
What did Zheng He not do?Bring Marco Polo to China.