Medieval China- Angelica Cruz

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Question Answer
Why did Buddhism spread quickly in China during the Period of Disunion?Many Chinese sought to escape suffering and find comfort in the new religion.
What is a reason cities grew during the Tang and Song periods?Business expanded to buy and sell agricultural products.
What were some inventions that were created during the Tang and Song periods?Gunpowder, woodblock printing, and the magnetic compass.
Did Confucious give tests in his philosophy?No
What were Confucius's ideas about?Proper behavior.
How was Neo- Confucianism different from Confucianism?It also focused on spiritual questions.
Who was Genghis Khan?A great Mongol warrior and conqueror of northern China.
What did Marco Polo write a book about?He wrote it about his visits to China.
What were some things Zheng He did?He lead seven great expeditions, he visit the east coast of Africa, and he helped make China better known in other parts of the world.