Medieval China- Angel Ramos

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Question Answer
What is the Silk road?International trade network that connected the Middle East, India, and China
What are Mongols? Nomadic tribes in the Gobi Desert north of China (modern mongolia)
What was the Yuan Dynasty and how long did it last?Chinese dynasty established by the Mongols and Kublai Khan (Genghis' grandson). Lasted for 90 years.
What is buddhism?a belief system based on the teachings of the Buddha, taught freeing oneself from worldly desires
What is Confucianism?A belief system based on the teachings of Confucius, taught moral virtues and ethics
Who was Marco Polo?Itialian trader who traveled the Silk roads to China around 1275, became advisor to Kublai Khan
What were the Teachings of Confucius?-follow the "golden rule" -honor their promises to others -use education to improve themselves -avoid extreme actions or feelings -avoid bad people
What were the Teachings of Neo- Confucianism?-life in this world is just as important as the afterlife -be active and help -peace and harmony
How did agricultural advancements affect China's population?Farms became more productive which made more food. Because food was plentiful, China's population increased
who was Li Bo?Li Bo was a poet. His works are still enjoyed.
How may the inventions of paper money and woodblock printing have been linked?Because woodblock printing allows a block to create a printed page, maybe people thought of printing money like that.
Which Tang or Song invention do you think was most important?I think woodblock printing was the most important invention because people could copy drawings or text very quickly which led to many more inventions that were built on the idea of woodblock printing.

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