Medicine and Public Health - Medicine & Treatment c1900 - present (2)

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What did doctors start to do more after the NHS was set up?Specialise in specific areas, and constantly update their knowledge to understand new developments.
How long does training now take to be a doctor? (approximately)7 years
What does training to be a doctor include?Taking a uni degree, spending time in hospitals, becoming a GP and working with a consultant, developing a specialist area.
What does training to be a nurse include?Gaining a degree or diploma in nursing, which takes about three years, receiving practical training and passing further exams to administer drugs or chemotherapy

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When did the study of genetics begin?1800s, when Mendel showed that characteristics are passed down from one generation to the next
When was X-ray crystallography invented?20th century
Who produced crystallography photographs that helped determine the double-helix structure of DNA?Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin
Who eventually confirmed the structure of DNA?Francis Crick and James Watson
In what year did Crick & Watson make their discovery?1953
In what year did the Human Genome Project begin?1990
What did the Human Genome Project set out to do?Map out the location of every single gene in the 23 chromosomes in every cell of the human body.
What are the results of the Human Genome Project?New techniques for skin grafts and better vaccines / Better understanding of conditions such as Down's syndrome / Techniques to alter faulty genes to prevent genetic illnesses from developing / Use of stem cells for differentiation

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Who discovered the four main blood groups and in which year?Karl Landsteiner in 1901
What did the development of blood transfusions mean?People who might die from losing a lot of blood could be kept alive, people with blood disorders like anaemia could receive treatment
Why was thalidomide a development in the 1960s that backfired?Treatment for morning sickness, it actually affected the growth of an unborn baby, particularly the development of arms and legs
When were X-rays discovered and by whom?1895, by Roentgen
What can X-rays be used for?Shrinking tumours (radiotherapy)
Name three technological developments of the 20th century.Endoscopes / Nuclear medicine / Pacemakers / Kidney dialysis machines / Hypodermic needles