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Keflex (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) antibiotic, action: inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis, indication: bacterial infection related to URI, skin, ear, joint), side effects: C-Diff- signs of bloody/ watery diarrhea, signs of unsual bleeding (thrombocytopenia), anaphalysis, precations: use cautiously in Pt's with history of colitis, renal insufficinency, closely monitor for signs of superinfection
amiodarone hydrochloride(what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) antiarrhythmic, blocks impulses that causes irregular heart rhyth, (potassium chloride), indications: ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, prevention of recurrent life threatening ventricular arrythmia, side effects: bradycardia, liver issues, SOB, precautions: assess apical heart rate for 1 minute (60 beats/ lesser-withold meds, contact physician), pulmonary, liver tests, chest x ray, thyroid, no grapefruit products, avoid excessive sunlight exposure
Cardizom (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) Antihypertension med, action: calcium channel blocker that decreases myocardial contraction and oxygen demand from heart, indication: HTN, chronic stable angina pectoris, side effects: arrythmia, av block, liver problems (jaundice, dark urine), precautions: assess HR and BP
erythromycin (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) antibiotic, action: inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis, indication: pelvic inflammatory disease, respiratory, skin soft tissue infection, side effects: C.Diff-bloody watery diarrhea, ventricular arythmia, anaphalyxis, precuations: assess heart rate, monitor elderly for hearing loss
warfarin (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) anticoagulant, action: inhibits vitamin k dependent activation of clotting factors, indication: pulmonary embolism, dvt, mi, side effects: increased heart rate, bleeding (thrombocytopenia), dark urine (jaundice), precautions: assess HR, INR levels, regurly assess for bleeding gums etc., elderly with renal/hepatic issues especially senstitive to drug effects
Aspirin (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) salicylate, inhibits secretion of prostaglandin to exert its anti-inflammatory effects, antipyretic effects initiated at the hypothalamus, indication: reduce risk of MI, RA, inflamamatory condiions, mild pain, fever, side effects: GI bleeding (thromobocytopenia), tinnitus, unwanted drug-drug interactions, precautions: assess HR, assess hematocrit, HB levels, PT, INR, renal functions, be careful of OTC meds to avoid drug-drug interactions, watch out for signs of bleeding
lasix (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) diuretic, action: inhibits sodium and chloride reabsorption at loop of henle, prevents absorption of salt, indications: pulmonary edema, chf, liver disease, HTN, side effects: signs of electrolyte imbalance (confusion) fast heart beats, nocturia, precautions: assess HR (less than 60), BP (systolic less than 90), monitor I and O, electrolyte, BUN (blood urea nitrogen), CO2 levels, signs of hypokalemia, take drug in the morning and not night because of tendency of polyuria.
Digoxin (what? action, indication, side effects, precautions) Intrope, action: inhibits sodium potassium inactivated ATP, promotes movement of calcium from extracellular to intracellular cytoplasm and strengthens myocardial contractions, indication: heart failure, atrial fibrillation (not to be used for ventricular fibrillation), side effects: arrythmia, heart block, yellowed vision precautions: assess HR, monitor dioxin toxicity levels (0.8-2 therapeutic range), monitor potassium levels carefully-hyper/hypokalemia