Medical Terminology quiz week 3 part 2

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Question Answer
loss of bone densityosteoporosis
abnormal prominence of the joint at the base of the large toebunion
side to side or lateral curve of the spinescoliosis
common nerve entrapment disorder of the wristcarpal tunnel syndrome
ROMrange of motion
pertaining to above the scapulasuprascapular
record of the electrical activity of the muscleelectromyogram
muscle weaknessmyasthenia
abnormal condition of stone like bonesosteopetrosis
inflammation of the bone and jointosteoarthritis
surgical breaking of the boneosteoclasis
inflammation of many musclespolymyositis
pain in the jointarthralgia
surgical fixation of the jointarthrodesis
ertaining to the lumbar region and sacrumlumbosacral
the study and treatment of diseases of the musculoskelatal systemorthopedics
abnormal condition of a hump or convex curve of the thoracic spinekyphosis
abnormal condition of bending forward or concave curve of the lumbar spinelordosis
specialist who treats diseases and disorders of the footpodiatrist
increase of uric acid in the blood gout
abnormal condition of stiffnessankylosis
fibrous tumor of the boneosteofibroma
softening of the boneosteomalacia
surgical puncture of the joint to aspirate fluidarthrocentesis
pertaining to between the ribsintercostal
fusing together of the vertebraespondylosyndesis
inflammation of the bone and bone marrowosteomyelitis
inflammation of the tendon and synovial membranetenosynovitis
pertaining to below the mandiblesubmandibular
surgical removal of the cartilagechondrectomy
surgical removal of the laminalaminectomy
slow movementbradykinesia
visual exam of the jointathroscopic
pertaining to between the vertebraeintervertabral
surgical repair of the tendon and muscletenomyoplasty
excessive developmenthypertrophy