Medical Terminology Midterm 2016

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Sudoriferous glandSweat Gland
Bradycardiaslow heart rate
coarctationnarrowing of a vessel, especially the aorta
extracorporeal shock wave lithotripseyuse of shock waves as a non invasive method to break up stones in the gallbladder or biliary ducts
varicose veinsenlarged, engorged, twisted,superficial veins. develop with valves in veins do not function properly and backup. May cause backflow of blood
nucleiplural of nucleus
sweat testmeasurement of the amount of salt (sodium chloride) in sweat. used almost exclusively in children to confirm cystic fibrosis
gastroenterologythe branch of medicine concerned with digestive diseases
bradyphasia slow swallowing/ eating
primigravida first pregnancy
Pressure ulcer inflammation, sore, or skin deterioration caused by prolonged pressure from lying in one position that prevents blood flow to the tissues, usually in bedridden known as decubitus ulcer
Bicuspid valve aka Mitral Valve - Mitral valve: A valve in the heart that is situated between the left atrium and the left ventricle. The mitral valve permits blood to flow from the left atrium into the left ventricle, but not in the reverse direction. The mitral valve has two flaps (cusps)

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Tricuspid Valve blood passes from the right atrium through TV consisting of three leaflets to right ventricle
Antiseptictics Topically applied agents that inhabit growth pf bacteria thus preventing infection in cuts, scratches, and surgical incisions
Antiacid Counteract or neutralizes acidity, usually in the in stomach - used to prevent heartburn and acid reflux
Keratolytics Destroy and soft the outer layer of skin so that it is sloughed off or shed. Strong- Remove warts and corns. Milder - promote shedding crust and scales in eczema
Topical Block sensation of pain by numbing the skin layers and mucous membranes.
Antihistimes Inhabit allergic reactions of inflammation, rednesss, and itching caused by the release of histamine.
Statin Lower cholesterol in the blood and reduce its production in the liver by blocking the enzyme that producess it
Different ETIOLOGIES The study or cause or origin or disease or disorder. A variety of test are used to produce etiologies to form a diagnosis and select treatment and make a prognosis.
Pericardium The sac that the heart is found in and is composed of 3 layers - endocardium( serous membrane that lines 4 chambers, myocardium the muscular layer, epicardium, outermost layer
Embolismcondition in which a mass, commonly a blod clot becomes lodged in a blood vessel, obstructing blood flow

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Sigmoidoscopy is a procedure used to see inside the sigmoid colon and rectum. The sigmoid colon is the area of the large intestine nearest to the rectum
Cryosurgery use of subfreezing temprerature - commonly liquid nitrogen - to dystroy or eliminate abnormal tissue,such as tumors, warts, and unwanted , cancerous or infected tissue
Pulmonary edema accumulation of extravascular fluid in lung tissue and alveoli, most commonly caused by heart failure.
Bariatric surgery surgeries to treat morbid obesity, a condition that arises from accumulation of excess weight as fatty tissue and the rusultant health problem
Debridement Removal of necrotized tissue from a wound by surgical excision, enzymes, or chemical agents
Cilla hairlike structure in the trachea that move particles upward to the pharynx , where they are removed coughing, sneezing, or swallowing. called cilia escalator.
Dysphagia Inability, difficulty in swallowing aka aphagia
Hernia a profusion of any organ, tissue, or structure through the wall of the cavity in which it is naturally contained
Atelectasis collapsed or airless state of the lung, which can be acute or chronic and affects all or parts of a lung.
Lice/Pediculosis - Infestation with lice transmitted by personal contact or common use of brushes, combs, headgear.

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Lice/Pediculosis Infestation with lice transmitted by personal contact or common use of brushes, combs, headgear.
Mediastinum space b/w right and left lung lobes. contains heart, aorta, esophagus, bronchi
Tinea fungal infection who name commonly indicates the body part affected - ringworm
Keratin Protein product in hair
Coronary arteries supplies the myocardium adequate and uninterrupted supply of blood
Lentigo Small brown marcules , especially on the face and arms , brought on by sun exposure, usually in middle aged or older person
exocrine glands A gland, such as a sebaceous gland or sweat gland, that releases its secretions to the body's cavities, organs, or surface through a duct.
gangrene death and decay of soft tissue, usually caused by circulatory obstruction, trauma, infectopm
Endocarditis inflammation of the inner lining of the heart and its valves
Cystic Fibrosis a hereditary disorder of the exocrine glands the causes the body to secrete extremely thick viscous mucous.