Medical Term - Physical Exam

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Question Answer
A&PAuscultation and percussion; anterior and posterior; assessment and plan
AALAnterior axillary line
ABIAnkle brachial index
ADright ear (auris dextra)
ASLeft ear (auris sinistra)
AUEach ear (auris sinistra)
BSBowel sounds; breath sounds
CMCostal margin
CNCranial nerve
CTAClear to auscultation
CVACostovertebral angle
CVATCostovertebral angle tenderness
DPDorsalis pedis
EENTEyes, ears, nose, throat
EOMIExtraocular movements (or muscles) intact
HEENTHead, eyes, ears, nose, and throat
ICSIntercostal space
IJInternal jugular
IVCInferior vena cava
JVDJugular venous distention
JVPJugular venous pressure
LCMLeft costal margin
LELower extremity
LLELeft Lower extremity
LLLLeft lower lobe
LLQLeft lower quadrant (abdomen)
LLSBLeft lower sternal border
LUELeft upper extremity
LULleft upper lobe
LUQLeft upper quadrant
LVEFLeft ventricular ejection fraction
LVHLeft ventricular hypertrophy
MCLMidclavicular line
NADNo acute (or apparent) distress
NSRNormal sinus rhythm
NT/NDNontender / nondistended
ODRight eye
OSLeft eye
OUeach eye
PPulse, plan, percussion, pressure
P&APercussion and auscultation
PEPhysical exam
PERLAPupils equal, react to light and accommodation
PERRLAPupils equal, round, and reactive to light and accomodation
PTPosterior tibial
RARight atrium
RCARight coronary artery
RCMRight costal margin
RLERight Lower extremity
RLLRight lower lobe
RLQRight lower quadrant
RMLRight middle lobe
RUERight upper extremity
RULRight upper lobe
RUQRight upper quadrant
RVHRight ventricular hypertrophy
S1First heart sound
S2Second heart sound
S3Third heart sound (ventricular gallop)
S4Fourth heart sound (atrial gallop)
UEUpper extremity

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