Medical office procedures

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active listeningthe process of giving full attention during an exchange and minimizing interruptions
empathyidentification for patient's feelings
open-ended questionsquestions that require more than a "yes" or "no"
close-ended questionsquestions that can be answered with "yes" or "no"
reflectingthe practice of repeating the patient's statement so the patient knows they have been understood

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stereotypingprejudging others based solely on gender, ethnic background, or other identifying factors
discriminatingtaking some sort of action against a person based solely on a sterotype
subject linethe part of a business letter that describes the letter's purpose
salutationThe component of a business letter that serves as the greeting. It appears two line after the subject line and carries the same name as the inside address.
bodythe main part of the business letter

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closingthe part of the letter that appears two lines after the end of the body
proofreadingthe process of checking written information for spelling or other errors
postage meteran electronic device which weighs mail pieces, determines correct postage, and prints postage on envelopes or labels
triageto place patients in priority order
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)stipulates that patients with disabilities must be able to access all public buildings, including medical facilities

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new patienta patient that has not been seen in the medical office by any of the healthcare providers of the same specialty within the past three years
established patienthas seen one of the healthcare providers of the same specialty in the medical office within the past three years
ambulatory healthcaremedical care including diagnosis, observation, treatment and rehabilitation that is provided on an outpatient basis
cluster schedulingsystem of booking several patients around the same block of time
double bookingwhen two or more patients are scheduled to see the same healthcare provider at once

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fixed appointment schedulingmethod in which each patient is given a specific appointment time
wave schedulingPatients are scheduled only for the first half of each hour. The first patient to arrive is seen first. If two or more patients arrive at once, the medical administrative assistant will need to triage the patients to make the decision on whom to take first.
no-showspatients who do not arrive for their appointment and do not call to reschedule
preapprovalsauthorization from a patient's insurance company to perform a procedure

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