Medical office management

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subpoenaa court order demanding that a party appear in court,or that copies of the medical record be sent to a third party
advance directivesidentification for patients' feelings
shinglingthe process of simply taping the small items to an 81/2" by 11" sheet of paper and then filing the paper in the patient's chart
purgingmoving inactive patient files to other locations or perhaps scanning the documents in the files and then digitally storing the data on microfilm, microfiche, CD,DVD, or other electronic storage system
discovery rulestates that the statute of limitations starts on the day the injury was discovered or should have been discovered

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EHR Electronic Health Record - a medical record that exists entirely in electronic format
health informatics standardsstandard accepted practices for collecting, maintaining, and transferring healthcare information among computer systems
SNOMEDSystematized Nomenclature of Medicine - a standardized medical vocabulary used to facilitate the indexing, storage, and retrieval of patient information in an electronic health record
health information exchangethe use of information technology to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and confidentiality of healthcare through simultaneous access to patient health information by mulitple healthcare providers
medical errorharm caused to patients resulting from failure of medical treatment plans or actions

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policya statement of guidelines or rules on a given topic
procedurea description of how to perform a given task or project
sentinel eventsadverse outcomes that cause patient injury or could cause patient injury
standard precautionsinfection control techniques to prevent exposure to bodily fluids
anaphylaxissevere allergic reaction
bloodborne pathogensmicro-organisms within the blood that cause infectious disease

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