Medical office industry-intro

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Question Answer
physiciana medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy
physician assistantsclinicians who are licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician or surgeon
nurse practitionersa trained nurse required to complete more training than PAs
BSNbachelor's degree in nursing
ADNassociate's degree in nursing
LPNlicensed practical nurses
RNregistered nurse
LVNlicensed vocational nurse
pharmacistdistribute drugs prescribed by healthcare providers and educate patients about the medications they are taking
ACPEaccreditation couoncil for pharmacy education
NAPLEXnorth american pharmacist licensure examination
MPJEmultistate pharmacy jurisprudence exam
Pharm Ddoctor of pharmacy

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CMAAcertified medical administrative assistant
CEHRScertified electronic health records specialist
NHAnational healthcareer association
AAMAamerican association of medical assistants
CMAcertified medical assistant

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medical assistantassists the doctor; is trained on all clinical aspects of the medical office
medical billerensures all insurance claims are finalized;sends them to third-party payer
medical codercodes all claims based on the information provided by the dr about the office visit
dental assistantprepares patient, sterilizes equipment, etc
health information technologistworks with clinical, epidemiological, demographic, financial, reference and coded healthcare data
histology technicianprepares histological slide sections for the pathologist
infection control officermaintains relationships with health & safety officers, etc
laboratory technicianperforms tests;prepares specimens; perfoms manual tests
medical transcriptionisttypes, formats, corrects medical reports
medical transcription editorformats and corrects medical reports
occupational therapisthelps clients achieve highest possible level of independence
phlebotomistfocuses exclusively on blood collection
respiratory therapistspecializes in delivering oxygen via all types of delivery systems

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