Medial Compartment of Thigh

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General Medial Compartment of Thigh

Question Answer
What nerve innervates the medial compartment of thigh w/ 2 exceptions?The obturator nerve
How many muscles are in the medial compartment of thigh?5
Name the muscles of the medial compartment of thighPectineus, adductor longus, adductor brevis, adductor magnus, gracilis
what are the exceptions for innervation in the medial compartment of thigh?Pectineus muscle (femoral nerve), & adductor magnus (hamstring part is tibial division of sciatic n. & obturator n.)

Medial Thigh Attachments

Question Answer
Pectineus (attachments)Pectineal line to posterior femur
Adductor longus (attachments)Pubic bone to linea aspera
adductor brevis (attachments)Pubic bone to linea aspera
adductor magnus (attachments)2 heads...(Oblique -ischiopubic ramus to linea aspera)...(Longitudinal/hamstring portion - ischial tuberosity to adductor tubercle)
gracilis (attachments)Pubic bone to pes anserinus
obturator externus (attachments)External obturator membrane to trochanteric fossa

Medial Thigh Actions

Question Answer
Pectineus (actions)adducts & flexes hip
Adductor longus (actions)adducts & internally rotates hip
adductor brevis (actions)adducts & internally rotates hip
adductor magnus (actions)adducts & internally rotates hip
gracilis (actions)hip adduction & knee flexion
obturator externus (actions)laterally rotates hip

Medial Thigh Innervations (nerve name)

Question Answer
Pectineus (nerve name)Femoral nerve
Adductor longus (nerve name)Obturator nerve
adductor brevis (nerve name)Obturator nerve
adductor magnus (nerve name)Obturator nerve & Tibial division of sciatic nerve
gracilis (nerve name)Obturator nerve
obturator externus (nerve name)Obturator nerve

Medial Thigh Innervations (nerve levels)

Question Answer
Pectineus (nerve levels)L2, L3
Adductor longus (nerve levels)L2, L3, L4
adductor brevis (nerve levels) L2, L3
adductor magnus (nerve levels)L2, L3, L4 (both heads, but different nerves)
gracilis (nerve levels) L2, L3
obturator externus (nerve levels)L3, L4