Media vocabulary

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Aerial shotA view from directly overhead to afford a clear view.
Crab shotA type of shot which invloves the camera being placed in a confined space.
Deep focus A camera technique that allows objects both near and far from the camera to be in focus at the same time.
Head-on shot This type of shot is used when the action comes from directy ahead.
Loose frame Describes a shot where there is a lot of room around an object or person.
Master shotA camera shot used at the begginning of a sequence to establish the component elements and relationships in such a way as to allow the audience to make sense of the action follows.
Pull focusA shot where one thing was on focus, and then the lens is changed so that something else stops being blurry and become in focus.
Rule of thirds A technique used to make a shot look interesting.
Shallow focusA shot where an object near the front is in focus, and everything else behind is out of focus
Soft focusThe use of special lens or filter to create a hazy light around the subject.
Subjective filming A shot in which the camera is positioned as if looking at the world through the character's eyes