Media essays

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Indie game trailer
x sympathy card - dialouge - this is my identity, I’m so closely attached to it.
[ ] Interviews with closeups and midshots
[ ] Audio codes - gaming background music and game sound effects


x Target audience
[ ] Visual coding - symbolism of game controller
[ ] A journey of crafting a reflection of their innermost flaws and vulnerabilities and putting them in a game
[ ] Archival footage - games and sketched plans


x Age where digital distribution is more accessible than ever
[ ] Dialouge - it’s a sum total of every expressive medium made interactive
[ ] Cave story, world of goo
[ ] Social cultural trends as it released in 2012 - games that rose to popularity around time of release


Amanda Knox - rod blackhurst, Brian Mcginn
x Interview - realism
[ ] Interviews questions - guilty
[ ] Visual coding- in court, police around her
[ ] Non diagetic - mysterious / suspenseful music during interviews
[ ] Broken glass and foot print sounds - realism


x Archival footage of reporters, footage of trial with music - sympathy
[ ] Need paper headlines - sex crazed killer, she devil who hated women
[ ] Authoritative voice over, hand recorded footage, closeups of worried face - sympathy, realism, selection of detail
[ ] Nick Pisa - dialouge of “what else could u want it a news story- demonised, entertainment


x Alternated between archival footage and really footage
[ ] Virginia tech massacre left 32 dead
[ ] Milestone in journalism
[ ] Everybody in the family was assulted by the media
[ ] Giuliano migini- stunning flaws in the end investigation due to increased media attention.


Ezra edelman - Oh Simpson - murder of ex wife and friend
x Was acquitted for, most publicized criminal trial
[ ] Archival footage of him playing basketball in 90’s
[ ] Real footage of him in court
[ ] Negative Interview questions
[ ] If I am guilty, I am the ultimate symbol of fear, if I’m innocent then I could be you.


Death penalty is injustice - Bali nine
[ ] Death penalty the centrepiece of his report


x Dialouge - it’s 12 at night ... they come in with a bunch of. Guards
[ ] Over suspenseful background music - sympathy for being brutally executed
[ ] Eye level closeup - reveals anguish + shaped audience to be against death penalty


x Interviews - Raji mother of young man waiting for execution- sobbing wailing into the camera
[ ] Close up falling tears as she swoops forward with photo of son
[ ] Body language spoke universal language of grieving mother
[ ] Visual coding - sons room with his images


x Interviews sad music text
[ ] Long close up
[ ] Mid-en-scene - fam photos and paintings
[ ] Cut in of his crying face


x Realism - footage of arrest + low cam angles smoking - contrasts with newly reformed - bible study - boxing
[ ] In front of prison bars surrounded by guards
[ ] Pauses in voice over, dramatic music