Media and Writing 1

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Question Answer
News ReportInvisible author, factual, balanced, current content
Feature ArticleFocus on longterm trends, requires extensive research, an investigative piece, opinion still understated
ColumnBreaks almost all rules, recurring piece in newspaper, stated opinion,
EditorialExpresses Newspapers opinion
Sociology of News ProductionAnalyses factors that shape news production in comercial news organisations. Refers to wats journalistic work is constrained by organisational and occupational demands.
NewsFactual information that is new to its audience, about people, often involves conflict, is dramatic, and out of the ordinary. Gets stale quickly. Is the construction of a story around an event, not the event itself. Selected, framed, represented.
Citizen journalismCollection and analysisation of news by general public, typically on the internet. Form of alt media.
"Churnalism"Used to describe a type of journalism in which press releases and pre-packaged material are made into article or other news media instead of reported news.
Public SphereAn area in social life where citizens can come together and discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion, influence political action
Media Theory and Narrative Theory“The emphasis on narration turns the media professional more into a storyteller than into an ‘authorized truthteller’ or a ‘licensed relayer of facts”
Life Cycle of a StoryOnline before television, covered by non journalists first, journalists arrive, phone as primary reporting tool, still photo, videos, live streaming, print reporters.
Agenda settingAbility of news media to influence topics on the public agenda (pick n choose) Events that are on cover page or constantly covered are perceived as more important.
FramingThe way the media influences how we think. Organsation of an idea by use of selection, emphasis, exclusion and elbaroation. The way issue is characterised can influence how it is understood.
PrimingMedia attend to some issues and not otheres, thereby altering standards by which people evaluate election candidates.
News ValuesValues by which an editor decides what is and is not a story. (Novelty, importance, timing, size, relevance)
Inverted PyramidPrioritization of information in story. 5W's and H, Important details, other general information.
Top 6 News ValuesCredibility, Community Connectedness, Balance, Accuracy, Leadership, Judgement,
CrowdsourcesObtaining info by enlisting services of people, typically cia internet.
Beat JournalismSpecialisation in the field and practice of journalistic reporting. Genre within journalism. A beat is a subject the reporter is assigned to cover.
Beat Reporter ResponsibiliitesDevelop reliable contacts they can continually get info from, know history of subject and current issues, public opinion.
Media FrameIntentional journalistic decision organizing and structuring of news content/ stories. Supplies context and suggests what issue is.
Influences of FramesSocial norms and values, organisational pressures and constraints
Community MediaFor and by community. Non profit generally, intended to give community a voice.
Civic MediaCitizen up rather than expert down
Hierarchy of InfluencesSocial systems, social institutions, media organisations, routine practices, individuals.
Public RelationsBuilds positive relationship between organisations and the public. Project, enhance, builds reputations through media
Journalistsprovide readers with accurate reliable info they need
PR Writersinfluence publics opinon, designed to promote.

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