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Question Answer
Beclomethasonesynthetic glucocorticoid that readily penetrates the airway mucosa, used for ashma
Thioridazinelow potency dopamine receptor blocker
Thioridazine side effectsside effects are retinal deposit, torsade, postural hypo-tension, sedation, CNS depression
Valporic acid side effectsside effects: causes neural tube defects
Valporic acidused to treat all kinds of seizure, and bipolar disorders
Zolpidem druga hypnotic drug that is not benzodiazepine
Zolpidem binds benzodiazepine receptors, antagonized by flumazenil
Amphetaminesindirect sympathomimetic MOA
Cocaineinhibits catecholamine re-uptake, resulting in cardiotox and hypertension
Disulfiram inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase, causing an accumulation of acetaldehyde
flunitrazepam benzodiazepine used as date rape drug
lysergic acid diethylamidehallucinogenic, nausea, weakness
mescalinenausea, hallucinogenic, weakness
Psylocybinweakness, nausea, hallucinogenic
MarijunaLower introcular pressure in glaucoma
MethadoneTreatment of opioid withdrawal
Opioid withdrawal syndromenausea, chills, sweats, lacrimation (excessive of tears), yawning, diarrhea, tremor, rhinorrhea (nasal cavity is filled with significant amount of mucus - allergy), piloerection,
MPTP neurotoxindestroys dopaminergic neurons of nigrostriatal tract
Morphine binds mu receptors
enkephalinbinds delta receptors