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Question Answer
Mitral stenosisOpening S2 snap, with Afib, rheumatic fever
Mitral regurgSoft S1
Mitral prolapseMid systolic kick
Aortic regurgCollapsing pulse, decrescendo
Aortic stenosisWith MAHA, schistocytes
HOCMBifid pulse, S4
CHFSplit S3, with mitral regurg
ASDSplit S2, most common, acyanotic
VSDHolosystolic left murmur, cyanotic
VasolidilatorsHydralazine, nifedipine, amlodipine
Non-dihydropyridinesVerapamil, diltiazem, negative inotropes, AV blockers
Rate control AFBeta blockers, verapamil, diltiazem, digoxin
Rhythm control AFFlecainide, propafenone (Ic), amiodarone, sotalol (III), procainamide
VTAmiodarone, sotalol (III), procainamide (Ia)
Rheumatic feverGroup A strep (pyogenes), type 2 hypersensitivity, mitral stenosis
AICDIf EF <35%
Long QT causeFrom class III antiarrhythmics & azithromycin, SSRIs, antipsychotics
PericarditisElevated ST, depressed PR, Rx colchicine
Cardiac tamponadeBeck's triad (JVP, hypoTN, no heart sounds), pulsus paradoxus
Pericardial knockConstrictive pericarditis
Wide, slow3' heart block, BBB
Narrow, slow1' & 2' heart block
WPWShort PR, delta wave, wide QRS, inverted T
HASBLED>3 is high, alternative to anticoagulation
High CVD riskDM >65, DM with protein, GFR <45, FHx or TC >7.5, BP >180/110
RIPERifampicin, isoniazid (peripheral neuropathy), pyrazindamide, ethambutol
HaemorrhagePolychromasia (RNA in reticulocytes) & nucleated RBC
BronchopneumoniaMycoplasma, chlamydia, staph, pseudomonas
Lobar pneumoniaAir bronchograms, strep, klebsiella, legionella
CURB 65Confused, urea >7, RR >30, BP <90, age >65
CURB 65 interpretation<1 outpatient, 2 short stay, 3-5 hospitalization
SLE ANAHomogeneous
Sjogrens ANASpeckled
CREST ANACentromere
Polymyositis ANACytoplasmic
Aplastic anemiaFrom benzene, radiation, gold, chloramphenicol, sulfonamides
AMLElderly, with Auer rods, from benzene & radiation, treat with vitamin A
Drug-induced SLEAnti-histone, from procainamide, isoniazid, hydralazine, methyldopa
StatinsDecrease LDL & TG, increase HDL
FibratesDecrease TG, increase HDL
NiacinDecrease LDL, increase HDL
Ezetemibe & bile acidsDecrease LDL
Omega 3Decrease TG
Fibrate SEMyositis & increased LFTs
Resp failure APink puffers, high CO2, normal O2, emphysema
Resp failure BBlue bloaters, low O2, cyanosis, CHF, bronchitis
COPD exacerbationHib, moraxella, pneumococcus
Staph pneumoniaPost viral, abscess, focal neuro signs
HCAPMRSA, pseudomonas
Strep pneumoniaRusty sputum, unilateral
Legionella pneumoniaWith hyponatremia, raised CK
TTPADAMTS, with fever, MAHA, thrombocy, renal failure, neuro Sx
DICRaised PT, APTT, d-dimer, low fibrinogen
ITPWith autoimmunity, Rx splenectomy & steroids
SarcoidHilar LN, heart block, Bell's, erythema nodosum, granulomas
Small cell lung caACTH, SIADH
EndocarditisMost viridans strep, aureus on healthy valves, epidermidis on prosthetic
Acute endocarditisStaph, in IVDU, tricuspid
Subacute endocarditisViridans strep, staph epidermidis, faulty valves
Polyarteritis nodosaStrings of aneurysms, with hep B
Sideroblastic anemiaMicrocytic, low B6
Sickle cellAut recessive, Rx hydroxyurea
G6PD triggersNitro & trimethoprim (UTI)
Cold AIHAIgM, with EBV & mycoplasma
Warm AIHAIgG, with spherocytes