Med Term Roots

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Section 1

Question Answer
abdomin/omeans: abdomen
acr/omeans: extremity, extreme point
aden/omeans: gland
aermeans: air
angi/omeans: vessel
arteri/omeans: artery
arthrmeans: joint
blepharmeans: eyelid
bronch/omeans: bronchial tube
carcin/omeans: cancer
cardi/omeans: heart
cerebr/omeans: cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
cephalmeans: head
cervicmeans: neck
cheilmeans: lip
cholemeans: bile, gall
cholecystmeans: gallbladder
chondrmeans: cartilage
cis/omeans: to cut
col/omeans: colon
cost/omeans: rib
cran/imeans: skull
cutane/omeans: skin
cyst/omeans: urinary bladder, sac
cytmeans: cell

Section 2

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dacrymeans: tear
dactylmeans: finger, toe
derm, dermat/omeans: skin
encephalmeans: brain
entermeans: intestine
gastr/omeans: stomach
erythr/omeans: red
glyc, glycosmeans: sugar
gynec/omeans: woman, female
hem, hematmeans: blood
hepatmeans: liver
hist/omeans: tissue
hydr/omeans: water
hystermeans: uterus
iatr/omeans: physician, treatment
isch/omeans: to hold back
ilemeans: ileum (small intestine)
ilimeans: ilium (hip)
lapar/omeans: abdomen
laryng/omeans: larynx, vocal cords
leuk/omeans: white
lip/omeans: fat
lith/omeans: stone
mast/o, mamm/omeans: breast
men/omeans: menstruation
metr/omeans: uterus
myel/omeans: marrow, spinal cord
mymeans: muscle

Section 3

Question Answer
necr/omeans: death
nephr/omeans: kidney
ophthalm/means: eye
oncmeans: tumor
oste/omeans: bone
ot/omeans: ear
pathmeans: disease
pedmeans: child
ped, podmeans: foot
phleb/o, ven/omeans: vein
pneumon, pneummeans: lung, air
proctmeans: rectum, anus
psychmeans: mind
pulmon/omeans: lung
pyelmeans: pelvis of kidney
pymeans: pus
rad/imeans: ray
ren/omeans: kidney
rhin/omeans: nose
sarc/omeans: flesh (connective tissue)
spondylmeans: vertebra
thorac/omeans: chest
thromb/omeans: clot
lumb/omeans: low back
trache/omeans: trachea, windpipe
urmeans: urine, urinary tract
viscermeans: internal organs