Med Term Prefixes

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Section 1

Question Answer
a-, an-means: without, absent, no, not
ab-means: away from
ad-means: to, toward
ante-means: before
anti-means: against
bi-means: two, both, double
brady-means: slow
co-, con-means: together, with
contra-means: against, opposite
cry(o)-means: cold
crypt-means: hidden
cyan-means: blue
de-means: down, lack of
dys-means: difficult, painful, abnormal
ec-, ecto-means: outside, out
dia-means: through, complete
en-, endo-means: in, within
epi-means: upon, above
ex-means: out, away from
hemi-means: half
hyper-means: above, excessive

Section 2

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hypo-means: deficient, under, below
infra-means: beneath
inter-means: between
intra-means: within
macro-means: large
mal-means: bad
neo-means: bad
neur/o-means: nerve
olig-means: little, scant, few
pan-means: all
para-means: near, beside, abnormal
per-means: through
peri-means: surrounding
poly-means: many, much
post-means: after, behind
pre-means: before
pro-means: before, forward
re-means: back, again
retro-means: behind, backwards
semi-means: half
sub-means: under, below
supra-means: above, upper
tachy-means: fast
trans-means: across, through
uni-means: one