Med Surg Exam 3

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Metastatic bone cancer patient, what med?Morphine
Working in pre adminition, liver biopsy, what lab functions are important to know before?PT, PTT, platlets
Genergal med surg flood, calcium level is at a 6, what symptoms might you see?Muscle cramping, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
Oncology floor, lung cancer, SIADH, what do you need to addses for this patient?make sure you weigh them on a daily basis
Oncology, chemo, CBC--> platelet count was 25 K this morning, what should you take to do specifically related to the count for this patient Watch for bleeding! Watch for gum bleeding and petichie, look at the bowels and urine,
Rules for hanging bloodTwo nurses, every 15 min vital signs, must stay with patient for first 15 minuntes
Oncology, lab results NA 136, K 4.1, CA 11.5, HEM 10, HEMAT 40--> symtomsmuscle weakness, cardiac dysrhythmias (heart sensitive to calcium)
Nasal cannula up to 2, client is SOB, check 02 sat and it is 89%, what should you do first?Turn up to 3, reassess them, then call the physician and ask if there is anything else
Pt. Scheduled to have debulking procedure, which one clue that they need more education?this will cure my cancer

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What patient do you need to see first?neutropenic and temp of 100.5
Oncology floor--> LPN--> Delegate--> Post mortom care for patient after passing, give narcotics, encourage family members to talk, cant assess or teach
overdose of tylenolAcetylcholine
ICU--> full cardiac arrest--> physician has ordered for them to have therapeutic hypothermia, what one do you do first? Apply external cooling device
patient goes out in cardiac arrest, what do you do with the family members?If they are in the way, kick them out, they can be in the room and have someone explain what is going on
ER--> triage nurse, 4 people come in from car accidents, which should be seen first?Pyridoxal chest movement
Manager of ER department, group is going to release small pox, what do you do?make sure you have vaccines handy
Back in the ICU--> therapeutic hypothermia on a patient, first thing you might need to do for this patient?Foley, intibate, VS
What would be important to tell the health care provider?Positive urine pregnancy test if they are taking toxic med (ribrofin)
What nursing intervention would you do for a client that has liver chirrosis and 4 plus edema of the feet and legs have them on a pressure relieving mattress so they do not develop ulcers form extra eight and fluid

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Bleeding esophageal veracies, had balloon put in to put pressure to stop bleeding, what do you need to assessIF bleeding, SOB
Abdominal surgery what do they need to do?splint and cough!
Acute pancreatitis, waht do they have, pain, NG tube because of it, what would you do to assess that the NG tube is helping?their pain level, pain should be decreased
K=3.2, order that you should replace it, you also take and have doses of spirlactone and furosomide due, order?SPiralactone, then K replacement, then Lasix
Change of shift report on med surg floor, you have 4 patients, who do you see first?Acedies, temp of 102
Liver cirrhosis, and do an assessment, which one should you be worried about?Flapping hands, asterisksis
Waht do you want to know about patients history?Alcohol consumption
What do you need to monitor in a patient who has liver chirrosis?ammonia, they need lactulose, it gives you diarrhea

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Patient has 2.2 KG weight fain and now has 4 KG weight gain and abdominal girth is even bigger, physician is going to tap them, what is part of your prep?Have them go to the bathroom before tapping into the abdomen
Acute pancreatitis, finger is twitching when they get BP doneWorried about Calcium
Back in the ER, patient is vomiting blood, what do you do fist?Respirations
Left upper quadrant we palpate something firm, what are you worried about?Pancreace may have ruptures, and they have an abscess in their belly
You have a patient that has cholecystitis, what would you want to report to the physician about the BP?Color--> report more tan colored, (it is the bile duct excreting too much bile into the stool)
Lab wise, know that the patient has cute pancreatitis Elevated lipase and amylase
Teaching a Chirrosis patient no more drinking
help you determine RF for testicular cancer?HIV positive, RACE, AGE
Slowest growing male cancerProstate
Pt. has appendicitis and they are getting ready to go to the OR, order to give enema, do you question?YES, it could easily rupture
Oncology floor, patient with AML, white count of a thousand, hem =8, hemat=20, platlet=80, priority?Limit people that have colds
Multiple choiceSOB w/exertion, rapid heart rate, brittle nails
What kind of patient population would you most likely see on interferon??Cancer patients
Interjex BHep B vaccine, DO not give to someone with an active infection

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