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Med Chem I Cholinergic system

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Question Answer
Give (2) examples of Cholinergic agonist(1) Nicotine (2) Varenicline - Chantix
Give (2) examples of Muscarinic agonist(1) Pilocarpine (2) Cevimeline
Give 2 examples of Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors(1) Tacrine (2) Donepezil
Give 4 examples of Muscarinic ANTAGONIST(1) Atropine (2) Scopolomine (3) Ipratropium (4) tiotropium


Question Answer
T or F? all Cholinergic inhibitors are lytics (causes lysis)False
T or F? All Muscranic antagonists are lyticsTrue
T or F? All Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors are Mimetic (imitation) Tacrine and DonepezilTrue
T or F? Acetylcholinesterase INHIBITORS increase AcetylcholineTrue (bc AChE is inhibited and cannot bind to ACh. once the AChE is inhibited, ACh cannot be degraded to Acetate and Choline. That causes ACh increase)
T or F? The term Cholinergic and parasympathomimetic are not equivalent but are generally considered as synonymsTrue


Question Answer
T or F? Nicotine is a directly acting Cholinergic drugs (cholinomimetic alkaloids)True
T or F? Ach is the acetyl ester of Choline, and is a quaternary ammonium compound which processes a cationic (positively charged) head joined by a two carbon chain to an ester groupTrue
T or F? AChE is a tetrameric protein which catalyzes the hydrolysis of AChTrue
T or F? Indirect acting Chlonergic Agonists includes AcetylCholinesterase AntagonistTrue
Which of the ff is an REVERSIBLE AChE inhibitor? (a) Nicotinic (b) Tacrine (c) Donepezil (d) AriceptTacrine and Donepezil (Aricept)