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Main Benefit of Chainno slip, positive drive
Steps to installing chainMaster link @ 2-3 o'clock, connecting link facing backward
3 parts to chainpin link, roller link, link plate
Define sprocket type A,B,C,Dno hub, hub on 1 side, hub on both sides, detatchable
How do you find pitch?Measure center of pin to center of pin OR read chain #
3 major dimensions to chainpitch, roller diameter, chain width
Why don't we use new links in old chain?difference in pitch causes shock load
What determines when chain is too worn to use?# of teeth in L sprocket
What can we do when hook wear on sprocket develops?Flip sprocket 180 if within 2x shaft dia.
What to look for when inspecting old chainDirt, grit, rollers binding, wear on inside
This is also known as inverted tooth chainSilent chain
Wear on inside of chain is due tomisalignment
What are the 3 belt types?Light (fractional-HP), standard multiple (alphabetic), improved design (wedge)
Match number on belt tellsdeviance from nominal length
6 steps to installing new beltreduce centers, gather slack, approximate tension, run 15-20m, exact tension, 24-48 hr
3 methods of testing belt tensionslap, stretch elongation, force deflection
Average belt life is?3-5 yr
Average chain life is?5-7 yr
Tension too low results inslippage, sheave dmg, dishing
Why are belts matched?evenly distribute load across belts
First step in belt inspectionvisually inspect for cracking, black powder residue
Belt tension should be2% of center distance
Chain sag should be2% of center distance
Symptoms of belt overheating includecheckering, cracking, smoke
A squealing belt could indicatetoo little tension
Over-tension results inbearing damage, sheave damage, large current draw on motor
The belt code 4L47 indicates4L light duty, fractional horsepower @ 47 inches nominal length
Maximum temperature for standard and specialty belts is140/180 degrees
6 steps to tensioning belts1. measure CD 2. set big O ring 3. set small O ring 4. place tester 5. apply force 6. measure & compare
Equation for Belt Length
Pitch Diameter equation
RPM Equation
SFM Equation
SFM to MPH Equation
Steps to uninstalling chain1. Connecting link over sprocket 2. Remove connecting link 3. Lift chain off sprocket

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